Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?



Most historians realize that Christianity is moving south and east.  Hence – I am happy to be living in Korea. It is a country where Christianity has made considerable inroads in the past 50 years.  China seems to be following in its footsteps (or is it ahead?).

This came to me with renewed force as I was attending an Organ Recital at Onnuri Church (the church that sponsors our seminary).  The church has thousands of members (I heard that 200 are added every month-?) and  a fairly impressive organ.  In this church Olivier Latry (porfessor of organ in the Academy of Paris) came to give a recital.  His favorite composer is Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) “whose compositions depict what he termed “the marvellous aspects of the faith.”

Here Latry is playing with Philippe Lefebvre:

So – here I am in Korea, listening to an impressive organ recital with a fairly large audience.  And I am thinking back to Europe…where the churches are empty and most organs have been silenced by the noise of indifference and unbelief.

I am glad to be in Korea.  But I am thinking back to Europe, Romania, and even the United States.  I hope and pray that Korea and China will one day re-evangelize Europe.  I know that Korea has already started.  

Perhaps the inspiring churches and the silent organs will once again be full of life and praise for our Creator. 

Lord – increase my faith –  I pray.

Brothers – please join me in this prayer.

P.S. Latry played Tournemire (Choral sur <Victimae paschali laudes>), Durufle, Alain, Florentz. Escaich, and Messiaen (L’Ascension).  Unfortunately – I could not stay for the last part (Messiaen) – it was too late for baby Isaiah who was getting restless (and they were recording). 🙂 

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