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CHRIST the LIBERATOR – Freedom for What?


If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed…John 8:36 

In the letter to Galatians, the apostle Paul focuses on Christ as the Liberator.  Thus, he starts chapter 5 with the amazing words: For FREEDOM Christ has set us free…!   

This is an amazing and soul-catching statement.  Who does not want freedom?It seems that everybody is interested in this overused word.  Capitalists talk about free enterprise, communists about the freeing of the proletariat, businessmen about free trade, young men about free love etc.  Obviously – there are many types of freedoms, and different people mean different things when they use this word.  I get the feeling that my baby Isaiah’s idea of freedom is to run around without any clothes (since on Sunday morning I have to hold him down while my wife dresses himJ).  

In this context it is important to ask ourselves about the type of freedom  that Christ brought.  What has he freed us from? It is a very important question, because if we do not understand and know what we have to be freed from, we won’t know what we are freed for.