Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?

Archive for December 1, 2007


I am in a great crisis situation.  My e-mail on JUNO is blocked and I have not received any messages for about 4 days.  You can imagine the crisis…I may be missing some very important messages or (hopefully) perhaps only the same old same old boring and repetitive messages: please help me recover the millions of dollars that my late wife left to me, forward this message to at least 10 people etc… The problem – of course – is that I do NOT KNOW what messages I am missing…and I am a bit impatient and worried.  JUNO has been less than helpful in this situation and I am seriously considering changing permamently to YAHOO.  They apparently blocked my account because I received some message (messages?) that was too large…In any case – today it still isn’t working (after they said they unblocked it?).  Meanwhile – if you are helping with the Mohler site (www.roalmohler.wordpress.com) or if you want to reach me – please use this account: CristianGRata@yahoo.com.  Blessings and pray that my electronic line of communication is reestablished…I feel isolated and lonely :):):)

P.S. A new commentary of Al Mohler was posted in Romanian on the site: Does a Computer Belong in the Crib?